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Sheep’s Milk Cheeses & Yogurts

On 3-Corner Field Farm we use husbandry practices that allow our sheep and lamb to live in a natural environment eating just the types of grasses and legumes that nature intended. We believe there is an environmental advantage to living "light on the land", and that it is more humane, as well. One significant result from this type of farming is that food produced in this manner is tastier and healthier.

Our respect for these old-fashioned practices extends to the cheese making room as well. Cheeses produced using traditional practices: using small batches of raw milk, hand cutting and stirring of curd, and aging in a "cave-like" environment, produce some of the world's most renowned cheeses. Many of these cheeses are made from sheep's milk because it produces cheese whose texture and taste are incomparable.

All of our aged cheeses are made from raw sheep's milk. In keeping with U.S. regulations, our younger cheeses are made with milk pasteurized at the lowest allowable temperatures. Our traditionally-made, artisanal sheep's milk cheeses and our yogurt are all produced on the Farm, and sold only when at their best age or degree of ripeness. Fresh cheese is made each week in small batches to insure that the milky goodness is at its best. Contact us if you have questions or are looking for that special cheese to add to a cheese plate or to give as a welcomed gift.


Sheep's Milk Yogurt

containing active, probiotic cultures. Thick, creamy, with less of the acidic "bite" of most yogurts. Great sweet or savory. Available year-round. Refrigeration life: minimum 4 weeks. (Sorry, yogurt cannot be shipped.)

6 oz. container
15 oz. container
32 oz. container

Brebis Blanche - American Cheese Society Winner

A fresh, cultured sheep's milk cheese in several different forms for spreading or slicing. The cheese is tangy with a distinct, earthy character and the slight flavor of fresh grass. In comparison to cream cheese, our Brebis Blanche has half the fat (approx. 20% versus 40%) without sacrificing flavor or texture. Herb-flavored crottin have been aged for a short while to produce a denser, slightly drier paté. Available year-round. Refrigeration life: 10 days to 2 weeks.

4-ounce cup (Natural, Lavender, or Honey)
8-ounce cup
4-ounce crottin
    -Mixed Pepper
    -French Herbs

Sheep's Milk Ricotta

Traditional sheep's milk ricotta made from sheep's milk whey and whole sheep's milk (during summer months) and from whole sheep's milk the rest of the year. The ricotta is great by itself or with fruit, in pasta dishes or in cheesecake. Very low in salt. Available seasonally. Refrigeration life: 7 days fresh or can be frozen.

8 ounce container



Shushan Snow

Our version of camembert - a mold-ripened cheese from pasteurized milk with the hint of mushrooms. It has a dense inside that becomes gooey, then creamy, as it ages. Wonderful by itself, served with fruit, or in your favorite omelet or pasta recipe. Available year-round. Refrigeration life: depends on ripeness - one to three weeks.

5 - 8 ounce "mini" wheel
Larger wheel (12 - 20 ounces)

Sheep's Milk Feta

A traditional Bulgarian style feta made from raw sheep's milk that has been aged over 60 days in brine made from sheep's milk whey and salt. This feta has a salty "tang", and is dense but gets creamy in your mouth or warmed-up (as in a pasta dish). Refrigeration life: 10 days to 2 weeks wrapped/after that trim off mold or can be stored in olive oil.

Natural Sheep's Milk Feta (8-16 oz)
Marinated Sheep's Milk Feta (Container with 6 ounces of feta cubed and marinated in extra-virgin olive oil, French herbs, peppercorns, etc and spices)  

Frère Fumant - American Cheese Society Winner

A mellow paté with lightly smoky overtones defines this raw sheep's milk cheese made in the style of "Idiazabal" - a raw sheep's milk cheese from the Basque region between Spain and France. The name (which translates to "Smoking Brother") is in honor of Brother David - the monk from the cloistered New Skete order who smokes the cheese for us. It can be eaten young and slightly moist (at 2 months) or as a drier, more sharply- aged cheese. Great for nibbling, grating into pasta, or slicing thin for the ultimate of grilled cheese sandwiches, on a lamb burger, or in an omelet.

Wedge or wheel

Battenkill Brebis - American Cheese Society Winner

Every sheep dairy strives to put their signature on the traditional, tomme-style aged cheese for which sheep's milk is best known. For us, the tradition starts with raw milk from our grass-fed flock and includes a rind flecked with the natural bacteria from the stone wall of our 1840s "cave" . "Battenkill Brebis" is earthy and grassy when young, and develops a more complex paté as it ages. While the ultimate nibbling cheese, you will want to save even the oldest, hardest wedge for grating into soup or pasta.

Wedge or wheel