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Caring for Our Sheep

We raise our animals with care, respect, and kindness. Put simply, we let our sheep be sheep—they live, eat, and frolic the way nature intended. As in nature, our sheep and lambs are raised outdoors, where they can roam freely and enjoy a healthy diet of alfalfa, grass, and clover. Our sheep also consume other plants and herbs that grow naturally on our fields, many of which have known health benefits to animals. Of course our grass-based system is especially healthy because none of the forage has been tainted by chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.

Lambs on new morning pasture

Because our farm environment is clean, spacious, and natural there is no need to feed our animals antibiotics as part of their daily diet (sub-therapeutic—or daily—administration of antibiotics is a practice employed by factory farms to promote growth and to prevent sickness caused by unclean, crowded conditions). Also, unlike factory farms, we never use growth hormones to increase meat or milk production. Our lambs are allowed to grow slowly on a natural diet of grass, rather than being fed large amounts of high-calorie grain or animal byproducts—diets to which sheep are ill-suited.

Our East Friesian sheep are great mothers and are known for their ability to produce large quantities of milk. Because we are a sheep dairy, producing milk for cheese and yogurt, this is important to us. A plentiful milk supply also enables mothers (dams) to raise multiple healthy lambs quickly. At our farm this milk breed is crossed with other breeds that are well adapted to our climate. The thick, full fleeces of these cross-bred sheep allow them to live outdoors comfortably year-round, which is not only critical to their well being, but also to the success of a pasture-based system.